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Special Services and Equipment 

Acid Neutralizer 

Using the Careclear Pro filter series as the base model for the acid neutralizer allows the system to have the most current monitoring of water consumption, regenerations, and flow rates. With the neutralizing media custom mixed for differing PH, we are able to raise the PH level to keep the water from being aggressive towards pipes, fixtures, and plumbing. A convenient dome hole allows access to the media for regular service.

Sediment Filter

Basic filtering is always the first choice. A replaceable 1-micron filter utilizing full ported 1-inch inlet outlet, combined with a pressure relief valve and isolation valves is the standard way to address sediment. This filter is a standard installation item with all softeners, tannin systems, and ion pro systems.
Cyclonic filtering is a great way to remove larger particles from the water when not in a large volume. A blowdown style filter with isolation valves can be installed before a replaceable filtering cartridge to extend the life of the cartridge.

In sediment situations where the volume of sediment is more than the blowdown filter or replaceable filter can handle a backwashing tank can be used. The CareClear Pro platform is the choice for this type of equipment. Using a larger backwash flow control the media is kept clean for many years of uninterrupted use. This type of system has an effective removal to about 20 microns, usually followed up by a 1-micron sediment cartridge.

Ion Pro Sulfur 

Ion Pro Sulphur systems eliminate or reduce the rotten egg odors caused by hydrogen sulfide that occurs naturally is certain soil and rock formations. The system utilizes an air charge to start the oxidation process then traps the odor in the catalytic carbon bed. Regular cleaning of the system by the controller and the use of the air charge allow for the extended life of the carbon.

Ion Pro Iron 

For iron levels below 5 ppm, the Ion Pro Iron system is the perfect fit where a softener is not wanted. By using the 20% of the ambient air that is oxygen, the iron is oxidized in an air charge above the catalytic media. The Ion pro Iron allows the reduction of iron in the ferrous and ferric state from 85-95%. As a salt-free way to reduce the iron levels, this is often considered a “green” option.

Chlorine Removal

When municipalities add a disinfectant to the water supply it is most often a chlorine-based product that is added. Chlorine can be detrimental to plumbing, fixtures, water heaters, skin, hair, clothes, and taste. Astatic carbon tank is most often the fix for this water “problem”, however, where larger homes need a bigger flow rate or larger water volume, a backwashing tank can be used using the CareClear pro-style control.

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