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Maher Water Corporation has been installing, servicing, and maintaining commercial and industrial water equipment for decades. After a water test and thorough plumbing inspection, a team of plumbers, engineers, and master builders will work to design, price and build a commercial or industrial unit to fit your needs. From the smallest commercial systems like a duplex or restaurant to large nursing homes or paper mills, Maher Water Corporation can get all the equipment and technology into your facility that you want or need.


Reverse Osmosis

When you have a reverse osmosis RO35 from WaterCare, there is no reason to be concerned with the quality of your drinking water. Using a smaller compact design, these workhorse reverse osmosis systems do not take up a lot of space while still supplying you and your family with all the benefits of a system much larger. 1 ½ gallons of water are stored for use at any time by the household. NSF/ANSI approvals give you the peace of mind that the system will perform exactly as expected.

Healthy water is convenient and affordable with the Ultrowater reverse osmosis from WaterCare. Meeting all NSF/ANSI Standard 58 requirements for reducing impurities. Lead, arsenic, copper, cysts, and many other contaminants are reduced to safe levels with the Ultrowater. Acting as a full-size reverse osmosis and storing 7 gallons of water allows the unit to serve not only a drinking faucet but a refrigerator or additional faucet without the use of electric pumps.


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