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        Danielle Maher-Baron

         Danielle (Dani) has been associated with Maher Water forever, being at Grandma and Grandpa's house (where the business was originally based) before and after school made it an early opportunity to see what Grandpa/Grandma and her dad did for a living. Although helping out through the early school years with odds and ends, Dani officially started working full time at Mahers in 1995, along with her future husband Sam. Danielle is a Master Plumber-Restricted Appliance as well as a CWS-V, CI. Danielle now controls and runs the business through the friendliest service and hard work ensuring every customer is more than satisfied.


     Sam Baron

                Sam Baron’s father served in the US Army and thus Sam grew up in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Germany. After graduating high school in Vilsack, Germany, he returned to Wisconsin to attend UWSP and to pursue a chemistry major. In 1993, he met his future wife Danielle and took a part-time position with her family’s company while going to college. After college, in 1995 he accepted a full-time position with the company. In 1997, Danielle and Sam were married. Both he and Danielle have held almost every position at Maher’s over the last two decades. They have four children who have attended and still attend the Catholic school system in Stevens Point, Danielle and Sam bought the company lock, stock, and barrel to guarantee another generation of family ownership. Coming to work every day in a business that helps customers solve problems they have been working on for years is truly an enjoyable experience.

Mahers in the news

February and March were very busy times at Maher Water Corporation in 2020. Sam was asked to appear as an expert for testimony in Madison on Nitrate reduction and Lead remediation. With local officials like Katrina Shankland and Pat Testin pushing for help with central Wisconsin's Nitrate issue it seemed perfect timing. Sam and Danielle, along with Jeff Wall, Jeff Tyberg, and Bill Maher attended a water summit in Madison with other Water Quality Association of Wisconsin members. It was very clear that water has been on the state's mind with the summit drawing attention from the president of the senate, speaker of the house as well as Gov. Evers himself ( all came to hear what we had to say ).

Sam was also invited to fly to Washington D.C ( 4th time ) to meet with congressional leaders. The national organization of WQA ( Water Quality Association ) has 33 members for 2 days in D.C. Over 70 meeting were scheduled. Sam had the ear of Tammy Baldwin's office as well as Ron Johnson's. While both were attentive to the water issues facing our country, they were very eager to hear about Wisconsin's water issues and how it has almost become a political bargaining chip. " Maher's stance has never had a political side to it, water can be fixed with the right knowledge and that is what we are trying to get out to the public"

Maher Water Corporation has turned 70 years old! February 1950 in the garage of Paul and Lydia Maher is where the company started with a meer 200 customers, and Paul as the only full time employee. Today servicing over 18,000 happy families and with 27 employees Maher Water Corporation has grown to one of the most respected names in the state of Wisconsin .


Maher Water Corporation will again be sponsoring the Summer Games locally here on our NBC channel, as usual you can look for a new commercial featuring the youngest member of the family.

Bill Maher to be Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Madison WI – William “Bill” Maher, former owner of Maher Water Corporation in Stevens Point, WI will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Water Quality Association of Wisconsin (WQAW).

Bill Maher was born and raised in Stevens Point, WI; the same year his parents Paul and Lydia Maher went into a business called Maher Soft Water Service. The business began in Paul and Lydia’s home on Main Street where the dining room became the office and garage behind their house became the shop. Bill is the oldest of five and all grew up surrounded by the water business, but it was Bill that had a passion for carrying on the family business

As a boy, Bill would accompany his dad on trips to the local feed mill to pick up 10-pound bags of salt which were used to regenerate the manual softeners of the day. His dad was growing a portable exchange tank business and as a teen, Bill helped out in the regeneration plant, which was still the garage behind the house. Bill would ride in the truck with his dad doing routes, and as soon as he had his driver’s license, he was able to run routes by himself on Saturdays and after school.



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