Water softeners were invented in 1905 using a natural greensand zeolite. 1913 saw the introduction of the first synthetic zeolites put into commercial softening tanks. In 1936 synthetic resin was developed that had far more capacity than the zeolites manufactured.

The first residential control valves were developed in 1924 by Emmit Culligan and Lynn Lindsay in Minnesota. Utilizing the natural and synthetic zeolites was the preferred method of treatment in that time period. In 1936 when synthetic resins were developed the control valves became more critical as the efficiency of the resin could be affected by the control itself.

In 1950 Paul Maher started Maher Water Corporation as a Service-Soft dealer, servicing portable exchange synthetic and zeolite softeners. In the late 50’s in Milwaukee Andrew Fleckenstein developed a fully automatic control valve that would revolutionize the residential market. 1963 saw the patent approval of this new design. Water Treatment manufacturers would take on these new “Fleck” controls and set up dealers and networks of dealers all over the country. Becoming an open and competitive option for homeowners other than the Lindsay and Culligan name.

The resins and computer monitored softeners of today have gotten 10-20 times more efficient in salt and water consumption than the early softeners that Culligan, Lindsay, and Fleck developed. Technology has been racing forward in the softener industry. While a term “saltless softener” has become popular, the only actual usable type of softener that actually works without the use of salt is used in laboratory situations, scale reduction systems are available but a true saltless softener has yet to stand up to third party testing by the WQA, NSF, or ANSI.


Caresoft Pro

The Caresoft Pro Water Softener by WaterCare is a solid performing entry level system. Using the same proven standard size resin that has been used by the industry for decades, along with the state of the art patented IQ2 technology in the computer, the Caresoft Pro is one of the smartest softeners on the market today.
The three sizes of Caresoft Pro offered by Maher Water Corporation allow this system to be used in a variety of water quality situations. From basic city water hardness removal to well water containing a moderate amount of Iron, this is one of the best choices for you and your families water needs.
A 10 year warranty which covers all components of the system is standard on the Caresoft Pro installed by Maher Water Corporation. A 1 year comprehensive labor and plumbing warranty is also included.
With the average life of WaterCare systems being 20 years or more, the Caresoft Pro will be an appliance staple in your home for decades to come.
With the current electronics package you will not have to worry about setting timers, turning off your system when you leave for vacation, or manually cycle the system when you have guests. Couple these benefits with the 12 volt system that uses less than $5.00 electricity per year and you have a very “green” unit installed.
With 350 pounds of salt storage available and the smart controller, many customers find that the system only needs to be maintained 2-3 times per year ( on properly sized water chemistry ).
A high flow 1” pre-filter is included standard with all our Caresoft Pro systems Installed by Maher Water Corporation. By using a 1 micron cartridge we can assure that the Caresoft Pro is protected from sediment or solids that may come in from the city or well.

Evolve EVR

The Evolve EVR Water Softener by WaterCare is the workhorse of the Maher Water Corporation stable. With some of the highest capacity, highest quality fine mesh resin available to professional dealers, combined with patented W.E.T. Technology, and countercurrent regeneration, the Evolve EVR by WaterCare is the most efficient single tank water softener on the market today.
The 1.5 cubic foot system offered by Maher Water Corporation allows the versatility of this unit to be unmatched in capacity and efficiency on municipal water supplies, as well as a beast on removing large amounts of ferrous iron on a well application. The Evolve EVR by WaterCare has given Maher Water Corporation a piece of equipment that allows us to treat waters that have traditionally required two separate units, or the use of strong oxidizing chemicals.
The 10 year 100% parts warranty is combined with a 1 year comprehensive labor and plumbing warranty to give Maher Water Corporation one of the longest, best covered units available today.
WaterCare has been used by Maher Water Corporation for over 40 years and the average life of these WaterCare systems has been 20+ years. With the new electronics and state of the art drive systems offered on the Evolve EVR, there is no doubt the 20+ year track record will continue for many more decades to come. Having an appliance in your home that will last 2 decades is a piece of mind that can not be written on paper.
The W.E.T. ( water efficient technology ) system has allowed Evolve EVR by WaterCare to pass all of the competitors claiming the best efficiency. Salt usage, salt consumption, water consumption, power used, and work done by customer are unmatched in the industry. The 350 pound salt storage container has allowed many of our customers to only require an annual service and salt fill ( provided chemistry is right).
The working components of the Evolve EVR by WaterCare are protected by a standard 1” high flow pre-filter utilizing a 1 micron cartridge.

Evolve Twin

Ultra-High-Efficiency Water Softener. Around the clock schedules and busy lifestyles require more water and more capacity. That means high-quality water must be available when you want it and need it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Evolve Twin units do this by connecting two tanks of high efficiency fine mesh resin into one complete, higher capacity system. By using the “soft water regeneration” benefit of two tanks, iron, calcium , and other metals are removed at a much better rate compared to single tank systems.

Hardness / Tannin

Using the highly efficient evolve control, WaterCare has used a fine mesh softener resin coupled with a cutting-edge tannin resin to achieve some of the best tannin reductions in the industry utilizing a single tank. By having the cation and anion resins in the same tank, the “mixed bed” results are a staggering 80% improvement in the clarity of the water when installed on the correct influent parameters.


Maher Water Corporation has been installing, servicing, and maintaining commercial and industrial water equipment for decades. After a water test and thorough plumbing inspection, a team of plumbers, engineers, and master builders will work to design, price and build a commercial or industrial unit to fit your needs. From the smallest commercial systems like a duplex or restaurant to large nursing homes or paper mills, Maher Water Corporation can get all the equipment and technology into your facility that you want or need.