Maher Water Corporation provides a full-service water treatment experience. From water testing by our certified staff to professional installation by our State of Wisconsin Licensed plumbers, and maintenance performed by trained and certified technicians, the homeowner is made number one priority by each branch.

Bottled Water

Bottled water delivery started as a request from a couple customers and has become our own private labeled 5 and 3 gallon bottle for delivery. This water is treated through reverse osmosis to guarantee a consistent quality and safety level. From residential delivery to worksites on big construction projects, Mahers is here with all your bottled water needs.

Salt Delivery

There’s no need to break your back hauling your own bags of salt! With Maher Water’sGuardianCare Service, we’ll do the hard work for you. With our regular route service to Central Wisconsin and the Northwoods, you never run out of salt and your water softener receives regular service so it can provide you with the best water possible. Whether you have a water softener from Maher’s or another model, Maher’s provides the salt delivery and service you need. For more information or to arrange a salt delivery, give us a call at 715-344-2900 or e-mail


Water testing is most accurate when done so at the source, Certified Water Specialists trained by the WQA are waiting to come out and analyze the water as it comes into the home or facility. Hardness, Iron, PH, TDS, and Nitrates are the most common tests done for free. There are other tests that can be done for free if the water appears to have a need for the tests. Having access to a multitude of state and national labs allow water testing to be performed above and beyond the traditional “free” test.


Maintenance programs vary with our industry, from service contracts to monthly subscriptions, there are many to choose from. Here at Maher Water Corporation, we have no service contracts. Our Guardian Care service is provided to those who wish to participate, with no annual or monthly fees the customers are treated to our services for ONLY the cost of the products delivered. Salt, filters, rebeds, repairs, rebuilding, testing, maintenance are all performed by our trained, certified technicians so there is no need to have a second visit from another technician when a repair is needed. Servicing all brands (with the exception of the Hague system). Water treatment manufacturers are a very open and “nice” industry, with access to parts from most all companies we can extend the Maher Service to you and your family even if you did not purchase from us to begin with.