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Staining, smells, color, feel, corrosiveness, safety. These are all problems we here at Maher Water Corporation get asked about every day.

To understand how to fix your problems we must first: understand what the problem is, understand what is causing the problem, understand how much of a Read More

Maher’s in the News

Lead in Municipal and Private Drinking Systems
With the national attention Flint MI. has gotten over the lead crisis, many municipalities across the country are examining their own water supply and piping systems. Read More

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment

Maher Water Corporation has been providing water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and other types of water treatment solutions to Central and Northern Wisconsin and the UP since 1950.  Now in our third generation as a family-owned business, Maher Water remains your source for solutions to any water problem in your home or business.

Whether you experience staining of your sinks and other fixtures, have to use too much soap for cleaning, have a bad taste or odor in your drinking water, or are concerned about nitrates or other dangerous contaminants, Maher Water can find the right treatment solution for your water.  There is no cost to have your water tested by a Certified Water Specialist (certified by the Water Quality Association of America) from Maher’s.  You can bring a water sample to us, or request a free water test [link] in your home or business.  Our Certified Water Specialist will explain the properties of your water that are causing the problem and suggest the type of water treatment system that will take care of the problem, as well as options for renting or purchasing a system, or even renting with an option to purchase the system later.

No other name is trusted for water softeners and treatment in Central Wisconsin as much as Maher Water.  With more than sixty years of experience of leadership in the water quality industry, Maher is the name YOU can trust for your water.


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