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Service is our specialty at Maher Water Corporation. It starts with a free water test and a recommendation from our certified water specialists. Service from Maher’s means our own on-staff licensed plumbers install the system in your home or business. And our service after the sale and installation are complete is what makes us truly stand out. We offer continuing routine maintenance and service on a route basis to our customers for no extra charge beyond the cost of salt, replacement filters, or the specific regenerant your system requires.

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Hard water is one of the most common water problems in the counties we serve, followed closely by high levels of iron in the water.  Whether you are experiencing lime scale on your fixtures and problems with sudsing and needing to use too much soap, damage to your pipes and appliances, or unsightly iron stains on your sinks or clothing, we have a water softener or filter that can solve your water problems.  Efficient, non-electric and salt-free water conditioners are available too!
Nitrates are a concern in our area, especially where agricultural run-off has contaminated the water supply, causing a health risk especially to pregnant women and babies.  Other dangerous contaminants, such as lead, can be present in drinking water as well.  Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are the answer to reducing the contaminants in your drinking water.  A small series of filters remove microscopic particles from your water and deliver filtered H2O to a tap at your kitchen sink, your refrigerator dispenser, and your ice maker.  You can also ensure that all the water taps in your home deliver nitrate-free water with a whole-house nitrate removal system.
Are you thinking about getting a water softener but are worried about the work it takes to maintain it? Or maybe you have a water softener, but aren’t sure if it’s working properly. Are you sick of hauling 50-pound bags of salt into your home? These are some of the concerns homeowners can face when they need a water softener to take care of hard water and iron in their well water or municipal water supply. But homeowners need not fear – there is help available when it comes to maintaining their water softener. WHAT IT TAKES TO MAINTAIN A WATER SOFTENER Besides adding salt to the salt keeper regularly, making sure your water softener is working properly includes testing the water and performing routine maintenance on the moving parts of the softener’s control head. But most people don’t want to have to worry about their water softener, and they may not think to perform routine maintenance, or know how to go about it. Fortunately, they don’t have to bring in their own bags of salt or perform maintenance on the softener. Experts in water treatment are ready to make sure their water softener is running properly and doesn’t run out of salt. Every day, trucks head out from Maher Water Corporation’s two locations (Stevens Point and Minocqua), stopping at homes along 36 routes in 19 counties, delivering salt and performing “GuardianCare Service” — routine maintenance and minor repairs (if needed) for each of the water softeners on the route. … Read More

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