Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Drinking Water Filters

Reverse osmosis (R.O.) water filtration delivers the purest possible drinking water, on tap. Gain peace of mind and enjoy great tasting water when you have Maher’s install a reverse osmosis water system in your home. Reverse osmosis involves state-of-the-art water filters that remove just about everything from your water, including dangerous contaminants like nitrates, which are present in many drinking water supplies due to agricultural runoff. If you are concerned about estrogen or other pharmaceuticals that make their way into the water supply, then stop worrying by drinking water filtered by reverse osmosis.

Nitrates are the most common reason people in Central Wisconsin and the Northwoods choose a reverse osmosis water treatment system. To find out if you have nitrates in your water, call Maher’s at 715-344-2900 to schedule a free water test, or fill out our online water test request form.

Do you already have a reverse osmosis system in your home that needs maintenance or a filter change? We service all models of reverse osmosis systems. Sign up for our GuardianCare service to make sure that your filters are changed and your system maintained on a regular basis by trained professionals. For more information, read about our GuardianCare service here.