Guardian Care Service

Are you thinking about getting a water softener but are worried about the work it takes to maintain it?  Or maybe you have a water softener, but aren’t sure if it’s working properly. Are you sick of hauling 50-pound bags of salt into your home?  These are some of the concerns homeowners can face when they need a water softener to take care of hard water and iron in their well water or municipal water supply.  But homeowners need not fear – there is help available when it comes to maintaining their water softener.


Besides adding salt to the salt keeper regularly, making sure your water softener is working properly includes testing the water and performing routine maintenance on the moving parts of the softener’s control head.  But most people don’t want to have to worry about their water softener, and they may not think to perform routine maintenance, or know how to go about it.

Fortunately, they don’t have to bring in their own bags of salt or perform maintenance on the softener.  Experts in water treatment are ready to make sure their water softener is running properly and doesn’t run out of salt.  Every day, trucks head out from Maher Water Corporation’s two locations (Stevens Point and Minocqua), stopping at homes along 36 routes in 19 counties, delivering salt and performing “GuardianCare Service” — routine maintenance and minor repairs (if needed) for each of the water softeners on the route.


When a homeowner buys or rents a water softener from Maher’s,  or even if they own a water softener not purchased from Maher’s but want Maher’s to service it, an account is created for them in the company’s database.  A “service cycle” or interval between dates of service is determined based on the number of people in the home, the appliances using water, and other factors determining water usage.  The services may be as frequent as every 30 days, but in the case of most homes it is 90-120 days between services.  This is the time it takes for the water softener to use up most of the salt in the salt keeper. They are then assigned to regular routes, and are given ample notice of the dates they will be serviced.

Every year, homeowners in the database receive a notice indicating the months that they will come up on the Maher Water Corporation route.  When the month arrives, they receive a postcard in the mail a few days before the date Maher is scheduled to come to their home.  This allows them to make arrangements to have someone there to let the service technician in for GuardianCare Service, or to make other arrangements to give access to the technician.  They can also call the main office to find out whether they fall on the morning or afternoon part of the route if they wish.

On the day of the route, Maher’s service technician tests the water for hardness and any other problems for which the water is being treated.  If the water test is fine, no repairs are likely to be needed.  If the water does not test fine, then the technician will investigate to solve the problem and determine what steps to take to make repairs.

The technician next goes to the water softener unit to check its function.  The unit is put on bypass, and then manually run through its cycles.  As this process takes place, the technician removes the injectors from the control head and cleans out any mineral deposits that may have accumulated there. Once the softener’s control successfully progresses through its cycles, the technician puts the bypass valve back into the service position.

Next he checks the salt keeper’s working parts, including the brine valve. He checks the water level in the salt keeper to make sure it is not over-filling.

Finally, the technician brings in bags of salt and re-fills the salt keeper.  This typically requires three to five 50-pound bags of salt.  He may also add a rust-removing powder to the salt keeper which helps keep the water softener functioning properly if the untreated water coming into the system has a good deal of iron in it. The technician records the salt delivered on a label inside the cover of the salt keeper for future reference.


Some water softener companies do not even offer salt delivery service or maintenance, while others charge a fee for their service plan in addition to the cost of salt. But Maher Water Corporation’s regular GuardianCare service does not cost anything extra beyond the price of the salt delivered (and other regenerants or filters needed depending on the type of water treatment system).  For water softeners that Maher Water Corporation rents out, GuardianCare service is a requirement — this is the best and only way Maher’s can be sure they keep their rental systems in top condition and functioning properly.  But most homeowners who purchase their systems from Maher’s also elect for GuardianCare service.  In fact, for many customers, being able to have Maher’s come to service the softener and deliver salt regularly is the number one reason they choose to buy a softener from Maher’s.