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Lead in Municipal and Private Drinking Systems
With the national attention Flint MI. has gotten over the lead crisis, many municipalities across the country are examining their own water supply and piping systems.

The country is just now leaning how the corrosive nature of the Flint river caused the Flint piping system to start to break down and leach metals from the pipes into the drinking water supply. Iron, Magnesium, Lead, along with many other metals and organics began flowing into the taps of the residents homes ( without their knowledge )

A push is currently underway to replace the aging piping systems across the country. To replace the municipalities currently known to have high levels of lead would have a 2-3 TRILLION dollar price tag.

Here in Central and Norther Wisconsin Maher Water Corporation has been dealing with the lead issue for over 60 years. Much of our state has a granite base with sandy gravel above, this leads to a corrosive PH in our well waters. Cities in our area add chlorine which can also be a corrosive material leading to leaching of the pipes.

By treating the corrosive nature of the water before it enters the home, or treating the water before it is consumed has been a staple of the Maher treatment options for decades.

The owner of Maher Water Corporation, Sam Baron, sits on the State of Wisconsin WQA board of directors and is also involved nationally. He was recently invited to Washington D.C to meet with Senators and Congressmen and women about the roles that small certified businesses can play in the treatment of lead and health issues that come up faster and with more knowledge than the government can.

“ Our businesses are already located in these communities and have been treating these exact issues with certified products for years. To wait for the emergency funds to come from the government and then wait for products to be purchased, shipped, and installed, is a waste of time and patience from the victims.” “All we want is for the government to look at our industry as a fix to the problem and not a Temporary solution” Sam and the WQA delegation told the ( over 50 ) representatives that were met with in April.

Having lead solder or lead in your water is not a death sentence. Permanent treatment options are available that have been certified nationally, as well as certified by the state of Wisconsin to get these contaminates under control.

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