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Concerned About Salt in Soft Water?

If you are suffering from high blood pressure or another medical condition causing you to limit your intake of sodium, you might be concerned about soft water, since water softeners are regenerated using salt. Here is some information to help you make the best decision about water treatment and drinking water. Hint: some of these facts might surprise you. The Amount of Sodium in Soft Water Water softeners use sodium chloride (i.e. common table salt) to recharge the resin beads that soften your water. Sodium ions (without the chloride, so no longer “salt”) attach to the resin beads, “charging” them. When your untreated water flows through the softener, the sodium ions are exchanged for the minerals in your water that cause hardness and stains (such as iron, lime, and manganese). The sodium has now replaced the hardness in your water. The harder your water is, the more sodium ions will be exchanged for other minerals. Therefore, if your have very hard water and are treating it with a water softener, you may have slightly more sodium in the water than someone with a water softener who has water that is not as hard. So how much sodium is in your drinking water when you have a water softener? Typically, the sodium in a glass of soft water is less than the sodium in a slice of bread. It is considerably less sodium than is contained in Diet Pepsi (which is considered a low-sodium beverage). Drinking Water Without the Sodium Still, … Read More

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How to Have Conditioned Water for Less

If the potential costs of maintaining a water softener or filter are holding you back from treating your home’s water problems, you’re not alone. In this struggling economy individuals and families are watching their budgets like never before. The price of salt (about $12 per 50 pounds) for regenerating a water softener might make it seem like a luxury item to some. But there is good news for homeowners: it is not necessary to live with rust stains on your fixtures or clothing… in fact, continuing to use problem water is costing you money in clothes wearing out 30% sooner than clothes washed in soft water, increased soap and cleaning products necessary when your water is rusty, and damage to fixtures and your water heater. You can afford to maintain a water softener, and there are ways to ensure that you are not spending more on salt than necessary. TIPS FOR AN ECONOMICAL WATER SOFTENER: Make sure you rent or buy a water softener for your home that uses high efficiency resins (the media inside the softener that removes the iron and other minerals from the water via ion exchange). The high efficiency resins require significantly lower salt usage because they need to regenerate less often than softeners that use a lesser grade of resin. Choose a water softener that uses a water meter to trigger regeneration, instead of a timer. Water softeners that have a timer control are programmed to regenerate at regular intervals, whether the unit needs regeneration … Read More

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