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Maher Water Corporation Provides Free Water Testing in the Northwoods

In 1950 Danielle Maher-Baron’s grandfather, Paul Maher, started Maher’s Soft Water Service. In the garage of his home in Stevens Point, portable exchange tanks were prepared and taken in step vans to homes in central and northern Wisconsin. Paul probably hoped that his baby son, William, would grow up to take the reins from him, but he might never have imagined the business would grow to be the leading water treatment company in the area. Bill Maher went on to build a store, plant and warehouse in Stevens Point’s industrial park and today Paul’s granddaughter Danielle and her husband Sam Baron work in the family business, providing automatic water softeners and filters, reverse osmosis, and bottled water to homes and businesses in 19 counties in central and northern Wisconsin and also the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Now, after nearly six decades of treating hardness, acid and iron and other water problems for customers in the Northwoods, Maher’s has opened a store on Hwy 51 S in Minocqua. Certified water specialists are available there Thursday-Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM, offering free water testing to anyone who brings in a cup of their tap water. And as always, they are available by appointment to come to your home. For more information, call 715-358-3600 or 1-888-796-2437.

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How to Have Conditioned Water for Less

If the potential costs of maintaining a water softener or filter are holding you back from treating your home’s water problems, you’re not alone. In this struggling economy individuals and families are watching their budgets like never before. The price of salt (about $12 per 50 pounds) for regenerating a water softener might make it seem like a luxury item to some. But there is good news for homeowners: it is not necessary to live with rust stains on your fixtures or clothing… in fact, continuing to use problem water is costing you money in clothes wearing out 30% sooner than clothes washed in soft water, increased soap and cleaning products necessary when your water is rusty, and damage to fixtures and your water heater. You can afford to maintain a water softener, and there are ways to ensure that you are not spending more on salt than necessary. TIPS FOR AN ECONOMICAL WATER SOFTENER: Make sure you rent or buy a water softener for your home that uses high efficiency resins (the media inside the softener that removes the iron and other minerals from the water via ion exchange). The high efficiency resins require significantly lower salt usage because they need to regenerate less often than softeners that use a lesser grade of resin. Choose a water softener that uses a water meter to trigger regeneration, instead of a timer. Water softeners that have a timer control are programmed to regenerate at regular intervals, whether the unit needs regeneration … Read More

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The Quality of Water at Your Northwoods Cabin

Does your cabin in the northwoods have all the comforts of home? Is the water quality as good as what you’d expect at your full-time residence or are you settling for less at your cabin? When you head to your retreat for some well deserved rest and relaxation, you don’t want to have to look at ugly rust stains in the plumbing fixtures or deal with water that smells like rotten eggs. Just because it is a vacation home does not mean you have to settle for poor water quality. This is Wisconsin, not a foreign country… you shouldn’t have to be afraid to drink the water from your own cabin’s well! That’s why many northwood cabin owners have decided to have a water treatment system installed at their cabin or vacation home. “Rusty” water with a high iron content can stain and give off an odor, and hard water causes lime scale to stick to faucets and porcelain and requires the use of extra soap or cleaning products. Nitrates can truly make the water unsafe to drink, especially for pregnant mothers. These as well as a multitude of other water problems are treatable with water conditioners that are installed right where the water enters the cabin or home, and/or with filtration systems that can be put in place to produce drinking water at a special tap at the sink or via the water feed line to the refrigerator. Maher Water Corporation, a Stevens Point-based water treatment company that has … Read More

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